Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'll Bite. What's a Kitchen Grandmother

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In WEAKEST LYNX Lexi Sobado is introduced. Lexi was an un-schooler. Now that she's an adult, her world view is different from those around her. She doesn't stand out as weird or awkward; she just stands out.

This week I thought you might like to get to know one aspect of Lexi's un-schooling experience, her Kitchen Grandmothers.

Without any further ado, I will let Lexi introduce you to her Kitchen Grandmothers in her own words.

"So much of my education happened around the stove, under the watchful eyes of my Kitchen Grandmothers, so much warmth and goodness. It was Snow Bird Wang who had decided that I needed the Kitchen Grandmothers. She was worried that I would lack women’s skills, making it hard for me to find an honorable husband. She knew that my mother’s illness, that had left her bedridden since I was twelve, would keep her from teaching me wifely skills. Snow Bird had oriental wife skills that she felt were not well suited to the American man. Snow Bird chose, amongst her friends at our apartment building, five grandmothers, who were willing to take me under their wings.

"Each grandmother chose a day of the week, and that was her day to teach me to clean, to market, to cook, tend children, anything and everything. It was a cornucopia of culture and language, spice and ability. My mother was thrilled. “This will give your life such wonderful flavor.” She was right. I adore my Kitchen Grandmothers. I love that they enfolded me into their family life, sharing their skills and knowledge."
Lexi Sobado - Weakest Lynx.

Each day of the week Lexi would study with a different Grandmother. Monday is Jadda's day. Jadda is Turkish for grandmother. I hope you'll join me tomorrow to learn more about Jadda and one of her recipes.
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